Virtual Care

Virtual care visits, also known as online care or e-visits, are a quick and easy way to get care for some common conditions such as allergies, cold or flu, pink eye, and sinus infections that can be safely diagnosed without a physical examination. Through your computer, you can connect with a provider to get a diagnosis and treatment, and even a prescription when you need one.

With a virtual care visit, you:

  • Save time by avoiding a trip to the doctor’s office
  • Initiate the visit when it works for you – you don’t need an appointment
  • Get care when you need it – visits are often available after clinic hours, sometimes even 24/7

Your Plan’s Virtual Care Coverage

  • Fairview’s Zipnosis is the virtual care option for ACO patients in Fairview and North Memorial Vantage
  • Virtuwell is the new virtual care option for all other Medica plans.

In addition, you may have access to other virtual care options already available from your provider. Virtual care is covered at in-network benefit levels.

Accessing Virtual Care Services

For both services, the first step is to set up an account:

  • First, use the health plan information found on your member ID card, and follow the instructions to activate your account as a health plan enrollee.
  • Then, depending on your option, you will be ready to answer questions about your symptoms or participate in a quick online interview that documents your medical history and symptoms.
  • You will receive a response with a diagnosis, treatment options and a prescription, if needed, from a board-certified clinician from your state who may be a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner.
  • To comply with physician licensure requirements to use the service, members must live in one of the states—Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, or Michigan—where Zipnosis and virtuwell provide services or be traveling to these states.

How Virtual Care is Paid

Your UPlan medical plan covers virtual care visits with providers that are in your plan’s network. Your costs for a virtual care visit are the same as for a walk-in convenience care clinic, which would be $15 or $20, depending on your plan, or applied to your deductible if your plan is Medica HSA. Medica National Choice members living in other states who seek virtual care from an in-network provider will have the service paid at the virtual care benefit level.

Virtuwell and Zipnosis will send the claim for your visit to Medica. With virtuwell, any copay or deductible amount you owe will be charged to your credit card. With Zipnosis, you will receive a bill for any copay or deductible amount you owe.

If the clinician determines that the condition is not appropriate for a virtual care visit, you will be guided to the nearest urgent care facility or advised to seek care with your primary care provider, and you would not be charged.

Learn more about your virtual care options online at Medica's website or call Medica Customer Service at 952-992-1814 or 1-877-252-5558; TTY users, please call 711.

24/7 Nurse Line

Health and medical information is available from the OptumHealth℠ 24/7 NurseLine℠. Call the nurse line to get answers to your medical questions from a registered nurse at any time. The toll-free number is on the back of your medical plan member ID card.