Cooking For Wellness

50 wellness points

A big part of wellness is taking ownership of what you eat, and there’s no better way to do that than by cooking meals for yourself. The University offers two healthy cooking classes on the St. Paul campus that will teach you not only more about healthy food, but also how to be a better cook.

When you complete a class, you'll earn 50 wellness points and get reimbursed $200 of the $210 fee that you paid.

The Basics Cooking Class

Cooking for Wellness: The Basics is a four-week course offered through the Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Institute that will help you develop healthy cooking and eating strategies to take home and use for years to come. The program uses hands-on demonstrations led by professional chefs to improve your culinary skills and teach you new techniques to adapt your cooking to a healthier lifestyle.

Past participants say:

"The hands-on lab forced me to actually try out the knife skills we learned in class. It's amazing how quickly I'm incorporating what I've learned at home. It also gave me an opportunity to learn by watching everyone else, and to see how many different items could be quickly prepared. It was a very enriching experience for me."

“I learned that it's necessary and not impossible to find time to cook fresh food.”

"This was probably one of the most enjoyable classes I have ever taken. The cooking experience in the lab was great watching the different styles that people had when cooking; some precise in following recipes, others just guessing. I don't think there was a dish that was a failure." 

Getting Creative Cooking Class

In Cooking For Wellness: Getting Creative, you’ll learn to take it up a notch by cooking healthy foods without relying on recipes. You’ll learn how to combinations of foods, herbs, and spices can develop flavor without relying on unhealthy ingredients.

Earn Wellness Points and Get Reimbursed

When you complete all four class sessions of either cooking class (which includes completing six out of seven assignments), you'll not only earn 50 wellness points, you'll also be reimbursed $200 toward the $210 class fee.

Reimbursement is not automatic. You have to set up a reimbursement account before the University will reimburse you $200 after your class. Because of file processing time, it could take up to eight weeks for you to receive a reimbursement. 

You are eligible for one lifetime reimbursement per cooking class you take. 

Your 50 wellness points will automatically show up on your StayWell Online profile, although it may take a few weeks after you complete the class, depending on file processing time.