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Relocation Assistance Program

The Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) can provide essential support for newly hired faculty and staff moving to Minnesota. RAP services include help with:

  • Housing
  • Moving
  • Spouse/partner employment
  • Childcare and education
  • And more

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How to Advertise for Open Jobs

Job Advertising Partnership 

The University of Minnesota partners with two firms to improve the quality, diversity, and quantity of applicants for vacant positions. 

The Minnesota Multicultural Media Consortium (MMMC) and Bayard Advertising provide hiring managers with media consultants to place employment ads. Before you reach out to the firms, be aware that:

  • MMMC should be used to place targeted diversity advertisements and Bayard Advertising should be used to place mainstream advertisements.
  • Media consultants charge a modest agency fee in addition to the current ad rate for each publication.
  • To receive a discount when working with the MMMC, you must mention that the University of Minnesota is a member of the Upper Midwest Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (UMW-HERC).

Agency Contacts

Minnesota Multicultural Media Consortium
Raymond Boyd
Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

Bayard Advertising Agency, Inc.
Gabby Olker
Media Specialist

Procedures for Placing Job Ads

  1. Contact MMMC or Bayard Advertising with open position information via email. Include the requisition number, where to apply, equal opportunity statement, and indicate whether the ad will be an in-column or display ad. Also include your phone number and billing address. If you would like an account string or other accounting number referenced on your invoice, let the account representative know that when you make your advertising request. For many positions, you will want to contact both MMMC and Bayard Advertising.
  2. Consultants from MMMC and Bayard will write your ad, or you can write your own ad with their input. Graphic designers on staff at both firms will help design display ads.
  3. Work with the consultants to determine the publications or sites and specific sections for the ad. You can select among local or national newspapers, Internet ads, trade journals, or other media options.
  4. Before the ad runs, you’ll receive a copy of the ad with each publication's cost estimate. Let them know if you would like any changes to the ad.
  5. The ad will run in the selected publications.
  6. You will receive an invoice and proof of publication the following week from each agency used.

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Employment Outside the United States

The Office of Human Resources participates in the Global Operations Advisory Team. Through Global Operations, OHR works with units across the University to answer international operations questions about tax, banking and cash management, purchasing, legal, human resources, and compliance. Visit the Global Operations website for more information, including how to start working with the Global Operations team.

If you are working outside the United States, you may be interested in an Internal Revenue Services resource on foreign earned income (pdf). You can send University payroll questions to

Civil Service and AFSCME Guidelines for Hiring Temp and No-Post Positions

For help using the online employment system: NEW LINK.

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