Spark Hire Virtual Interviewing Tool

About Spark Hire

Spark Hire is an applicant screening tool that will reduce your time filling a job opening.

The platform allows you to request one-way video interviews from candidates. The full hiring team can review the completed video interviews at their convenience, making it easy to schedule interviews. You can also share the interviews with other interested parties to get them involved earlier in the hiring process.

How Do I Use Spark Hire?

When you’re ready to start screening applicants, fill out this form for the Talent Acquisition team with as much detail as possible. Attach your job description, interview questions, candidate list, and optional intro/outro videos.

Before submitting the form, remove the job posting from the website and check that you have compiled the full list of candidates you want to invite. This is important for consistency, equity, and inclusion. Each candidate should be given the same amount of time to prepare for the interview.

After submitting the form, you will receive a reminder email asking you to contact the candidates to let them know they have been selected to take part in a first-round video interview. The reminder email will include details on what to let candidates know about the video interview.

The Talent Acquisition team will send invitations with links to the Spark Hire interview to the candidate directly within 3 business days of submitting the form. The candidate can use a cell phone, tablet, or laptop to complete the interview. If candidates do not have access to reliable internet or to a recording device, you can work with the Talent Acquisition team to help the candidate use University technology for the interview. Candidates will be able to review their recorded responses to the interview questions before submitting their interviews.

Once the candidate submits their responses, you can share them with your team to review.

Can I See an Example of the Platform?

Our Talent Acquisition team has also created this set of videos using Spark Hire to provide answers to frequently asked questions. View a pdf transcript.

I Have Further Questions. Who Can I Contact?

Please reach out to your Talent Acquisition consultant or specialist with any further questions. The Talent Acquisition team has also created slides about the platform.