Agreements with Faculty Emeriti

An agreement letter with an emeritus faculty member should include the following provisions:

  • Recognition that the individual has been conferred the emeritus title.
  • State what university services and privileges are being extended and any terms or conditions being placed on those services and privileges. These services and privileges include:

      • Email accounts (including internet access).
      • Library privileges.
      • Listing in the University directory and mail service.
      • Faculty discounts for computer software, recreational facilities, athletic events, and other performances and exhibitions.
      • Continuation of parking privileges at faculty rates-subject to space limitations; in such case, the next best alternative space should be offered.
      • Auditing of graduate or undergraduate level courses, subject to the instructor's approval and relevant University policies and procedures.
      • Access to University and state policies governing the continuation of health insurance, but at their own expense.
      • Participation in academic processions (graduations, convocations, etc.) in a position of honor.
      • Represent the University (upon appointment by the president) at academic ceremonies of other institutions.
  • State what academic services and privileges are being extended and any terms or conditions being placed on those services and privileges. State that Academic Services and privileges are subject to cost and availability; and will be reviewed on a yearly or more frequent basis. These services and privileges may include:
      • Office space (subject to availability; to be reviewed on at least a yearly basis).
      • Access to laboratories, computers, or comparable facilities requisite to the continued engagement in scholarly work or mutually agreed upon task whether on a contractual or volunteer basis
      • Access to mail, telephone, and other routine office services (e.g., copying, secretarial).
      • The privilege to submit proposals for sponsored research and to advise graduate students or postdoctoral research associates, subject to University rules and policies.
  • State that individual must notify the University, in writing, of the university services and academic services he/she desires to receive. Include a date by which the election must be received, and the name and contact information of the person to whom the election must be sent.
  • Reference that this agreement is in accordance with the Administrative Policy: Holding the Title of Faculty Emeriti (pdf).