Teamsters Unit 3 Hiring Letter Checklist

A hiring letter for a represented bargaining unit position should include:

  1. University job title and corresponding job code.
  2. Working job title, if different from the University job title.
  3. Specific University of Minnesota campus/college/administrative unit and department/division for this position.
  4. Reference that the position is in the bargaining unit represented by the Teamsters and that the major terms and conditions of employment are contained in the union contract.
  5. Appointment type (such as continuing or temporary).
  6. Appointment term (the length of appointment).
  7. Percent time of appointment.
  8. Actual beginning and, if appropriate, end dates of the appointment.
  9. Assigned hours of work.
  10. Length of probation, if appropriate.
  11. Salary.
  12. Union dues or fair share obligation.
  13. Sick and vacation earnings and usage information.
  14. Reference to Summary of Benefits.
  15. Federal law requires that all employees be authorized to work in the United States. This employment offer is contingent upon verification that you meet this requirement. In addition, if you are here on a non-immigrant visa, you must be authorized specifically to work at the University of Minnesota. Regardless of your citizenship status, you must: 1) complete and submit Section 1 of the I-9 Form found at on or before your first day of work for pay, 2) provide the required I-9 documentation described on the I-9 form to establish your identity and authorization to work on or before your first day of work for pay, and 3) receive confirmation from the University that your documentation satisfies the federal law requirements. Your employment, including any rights and privileges afforded under the University's codes, policies, and agreements applicable to your position, does not begin until all of these steps have been completed. If you report to your first day of work without the required I-9 documentation, you will be sent home and will not be allowed to begin working until you present the required documents.
  16. This offer is contingent upon the successful completion of a background check. You will receive an email from the University’s background check vendor, General Information Services, Inc. (GIS), which will include the link to enter your personal information and authorization for the check. Please enter your information as soon as possible upon receipt of the eLink from GIS.
  17. Indicate that employee must continue to comply with any and all licensing, certification and other requirements of the position.
  18. Right to review the employee's personnel file once every six months while employed with the University of Minnesota. To exercise this right, the employee must submit a written request to review their file to the unit HR contact. If, after reviewing the file, the employee disputes specific information, he/she should inform their unit HR contact. The University may agree to remove or revise the disputed information. After the employee has had an opportunity to review their file, he/she may make a written request for a copy of the record at no cost to the employee.
  19. If a current accurate job description exists, attach it to the hiring letter noting that it generally describes the current position responsibilities and that they are subject to change.
  20. Information regarding New Employee Welcome.
  21. Signature of authorized hiring authority.
  22. Signature of the employee accepting the offered position and acknowledging receipt of the hiring letter.