Virtual Fair: Disability Coverage

If you’re away from work due to illness and injury, bills could start piling up. Disability coverage can provide continued income if you are unable to work for an extended period of time, allowing you to pay bills and loans. At the University, Disability benefits, which include Voluntary Short-term Disability, Voluntary Long-term Disability, and Academic Disability, are provided by Unum.

Depending on your position at the University, different disability benefits are available for you. Use this University Disability Programs overview to determine your benefit options. Note that Voluntary Short-term and Long-term Disability require enrollment, and Academic Disability does not.


Speak to Margaret Fier, Unum Client Manager for the University of Minnesota, by calling 952-346-4537

Learn why disability benefits are important:

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Learn basic information, benefit features, key terms, and more about voluntary disability coverage:


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