Wellbeing Program Points Chart

2017-2018 Program Offerings

This chart for the University of Minnesota Wellbeing Program gives you a quick way to see how many points you can earn by participating in any of the program's offerings. For more detailed information on the details of each program offering, please sign into your RedBrick Health account.

Category Program Offering Wellbeing Points Campuses Offered
Health Assessments RedBrick Compass® health assessment NEW 100 All
Biometric Health Screening 150 All
Next-Steps Consult™ NEW 50 All
Wellbeing My Way Annual Flu Shot Pledge 25 All
Non-Tobacco User Pledge 25 All
RedBrick Track® NEW 75 maximum All
Self-Reported Volunteer Pledge 25 All
Advance Care Directive (Honoring Choices) Pledge 25 All
Be Active Bike Commuter Program 100/150 All
Fit Choices Gym Reimbursement 100/150 All
RedBrick Rally - (Challenges: 1-2 per year) NEW 75/150 maximum All
Manage Your Health Weight Watchers on Campus 200/400 maximum All
Healthy Pregnancy 125 All
RedBrick Journeys® NEW 50 each/300 maximum All
Coaching and Support RedBrick Health Coaching 250 All
Face-to-Face Health Coaching 250 Twin Cities, Duluth, Morris
Group Coaching NEW 250 Twin Cities, Duluth, Morris
Medication Therapy Management 150 All
Specialty Therapy Management 150 All
Four Cornerstones of Financial Literacy 150 Twin Cities, Duluth, Morris
University Wellbeing Classes Group Strength Express 150 / 450 maximum Twin Cities, Duluth, Morris
Heart Rate Express Twin Cities, Morris
Kettlebell Express Twin Cities, Morris
Yoga 101 Twin Cities, Duluth, Morris
Cross Training Express Twin Cities, Morris
Aquafit (Morris only) NEW Morris
Mindfulness at Work NEW 150 All
Minfulness-Based Stress Reduction 150 Twin Cities, Duluth
Cooking For Wellness: The Basics 150 Twin Cities, Duluth, Morris
Cooking for Wellness: Getting Creative 150 Twin Cities