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Wellbeing Program

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If you are a spouse on your UPlan, you need to register your account first. Please have your UPlan member's employee ID number ready. If you were recently hired as an employeeyou won't be able to access your RedBrick account until 10 days after your UPlan benefits become effective.

Save money on your 2020 health premiums

As of October 1, 2018, you will be able to earn points to save either $500 or $750 on your premiums in 2020, depending on whether you have a spouse who is covered. See the chart below for specific information on how many points you need to earn to get a discount:

If your UPlan coverage is: You need to earn at least: To save this amount in 2020:
Employee-only 500 points $500
Employee and Children 500 points $500
Employee and Spouse with or without Children 750 points (your spouse can earn up to 250 of these points) $750

Only University employees who are enrolled in the UPlan Medical Program (and their enrolled spouse) are eligible to participate in the Wellbeing Program. The Wellbeing Program year runs from October 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019.

What's new for 2018-2019

New pledge

  • Wellbeing My Way allows you earn up to 125 points by pledging that you've participated in activities that improve your overall wellbeing such as volunteering, team sports, races, learning and development opportunities, a department-led health challenge, and many more possibilities. You can pledge up to five times and earn 25 points each time.

Increased points

  • In the Bike Commuter Program, if you ride your bike at least 50 times throughout the year, you'll earn 150 points, a 50 point increase over last year. If you complete at least 100 rides in the year, you'll earn 200 points, which is the same increase.
  • We've increased the points for our gym reimbursement program, Fit Choices. Now if you exercise at least eight times a month over six months, you can earn 150 points. If you exercise at least 12 times over the same time period, you can earn 200 points.
  • The amount of points you can earn using RedBrick Track has doubled. Now you can earn one point a day up to a total of 150 points.

New program levels

  • You can now earn 50 points if you ride your bike 25 times during the program year, which is a new lower threshold for the Bike Commuter Program.
  • Earn 200 points for attending five sessions of Group Coaching.

New University Fitness Class

  • Mat Pilates (Twin Cities only) - 150 points