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Wellbeing Program

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If you are a spouse on your UPlan, you need to register your account first. Please have your UPlan member's employee ID number ready. If you were recently hired as an employeeyou won't be able to access your RedBrick account until 10 days after your UPlan benefits become effective.

Changes for 2017-2018

The University of Minnesota Wellness Program is now called the University of Minnesota Wellbeing Program to better reflect the University’s goal to support your physical, emotional, financial, and social health.

The program year runs from October 1, 2017 to August 31, 2018. It will be supported by a new vendor, RedBrick Health, which is replacing Staywell.

The University’s Wellbeing Program has all the programs you have enjoyed in the past plus some new additions. See a complete list of all offerings and their associated points here.

Save More Money

The amount of money you can save on your future UPlan premiums by earning points in the Wellbeing Program is increasing! Starting October 1, 2017, you will be able to earn points to save either $500 or $750 on your premiums in 2019, depending on whether you have a spouse who is covered. See the chart below for specific information on how many points you need to earn to get a discount:

If your UPlan coverage is: You need to earn at least: To save this amount in 2019:
Employee-only 500 points $500
Employee and Children 500 points $500
Employee and Spouse with or without Children 750 points (your spouse can earn up to 250 of these points) $750

Although the amount of points you need to earn to save money on your UPlan premiums is increasing this year, we have also increased the point values for many of our program offerings.

New Offerings

RedBrick Health offers an easy-to-navigate portal so you can quickly identify the wellbeing programs that are right for you and keep track of your points. RedBrick is also offering several new options for U of M employees to earn points and improve their wellbeing, such as:

  • Next Step Consult™, a phone call you schedule to review your health assessment results and navigate which program options would benefit you
  • RedBrick Journeys®, a virtual coaching system covering 75 different health and wellbeing topics
  • RedBrick Track™, which enables you to track and sync your activity, eating, and sleep
  • RedBrick Rally™, a fun way to engage your friends and colleagues in health challenges

Reimbursement Changes

For every program that has a reimbursable fee to participate, you can now be reimbursed 50% of that course's fee, up to $100 a year per wellbeing class category.

Multiple Reimbursements

New this year is the ability to be reimbursed multiple times for completing some courses. You can be reimbursed for two Weight Watchers sessions throughout the year and once each for a fitness class, mindfulness class, and cooking class.

Program Type How many times you can be reimbursed Courses include:
Weight Watchers on Campus Twice a program year Weight Watchers
University Fitness Classes Once a program year Group Strength Express
Heart Rate Express
Yoga 101
Cross Training Express
Kettlebell Express
University Mindfulness Classes Once a program year Mindfulness at Work
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
University Cooking Classes Once a program year Cooking For Wellness - The Basics
Cooking For Wellness - Getting Creative

No More Lifetime Limits

We are removing the lifetime caps on getting reimbursed for completing courses that have a fee to participate. Starting this program year, you are eligible to get reimbursed each program year, even if you previously hit your lifetime maximum.