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Wellbeing Program

Wellbeing for Your Life

The University Wellbeing Program exists to provide open, flexible, customizable ways to help employees live balanced, fulfilling lives based on their own goals and needs. This approach is centered on eight dimensions of wellbeing: physical, emotional, intellectual, environmental, spiritual, social, occupational, and financial. Explore the eight dimensions of wellbeing here, and keep reading this page to learn how to join the Wellbeing Program, try activities and challenges, and earn points.

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Welcome to the Wellbeing Program

The 2021-2022 Wellbeing Program year holds exciting changes that will make it easier to earn points and enhance wellness. More options for points, no attendance maximums or minimums, and an expanded point system allow participants to explore all eight dimensions of wellbeing.

Learn more about 2021-2022 program updates, and download the program brochure for more information. The program year runs from September 1, 2021, to August 31, 2022. 

Many of the Wellbeing Program features remain the same:

  • Medical plan members can continue to save either $500 or $750 on their 2023 premiums, depending on who is covered on their medical plan policy.
  • Only University employees who are enrolled in the University's medical plan (and their enrolled spouse) are eligible to participate in the Wellbeing Program. 
  • Participating employees and spouses can log in through Virgin Pulse’s engaging mobile app to stay connected with the Wellbeing Program no matter where you are.
  • You can start earning points the first day you log in to the app. 
  • See the chart, below, for specific information on how many points you need to earn to get a discount:
If your medical plan coverage is: You need to earn at least: To save this amount in 2023:
Employee-only 5,000 points $500
Employee and Children 5,000 points $500
Employee and Spouse with or without Children 7,500 points (spouse participation is voluntary, but if they participate they will need to earn a full 2,500 of these points) $750

Accessing the Wellbeing Program Online


  • Opt-in and registration on the Virgin Pulse portal is required for those who have not participated before. Participating employees (and their covered spouses) will need to opt-in to the program by registering a new username and password by using their legal last name, preferred first name, and 7-digit employee ID number. Employees must voluntarily opt-in to the Virgin Pulse portal to participate in programs and receive points.
  • If you were a previous participant in the Wellbeing Program, you will not have to re-register in the Virgin Pulse portal. Employees can continue to use the Virgin Pulse portal and app without interruption.
  • You can start accruing points on September 1 rather than October 1, as in previous years. Participants will have an additional month to earn rewards for the 2021-2022 program year. 


  • How to register in the Virgin Pulse portal for the first time:
    • Medical plan-covered spouses who want to participate in the program will need to register using the 7-digit employee ID number of the plan primary account holder member plus their legal last name.
    • Spouses will need to use their own email addresses to register for their accounts.
    • If you and your spouse both work at the University, you will register using the primary account holder's employee ID number. 
    • Spouses will need to put "S" after the employee ID number during registration:

Example: If the employee ID number is "1234567," the spouse registers with "1234567S"

Spouses: Click Here to Enroll

  • Spouses must earn 2,500 points to count toward the 7,500 total. Medical plan-covered spouses who choose to participate will need to earn a full 2,500 points to have their points count toward the 7,500-point total. There is no requirement for spouses to participate, and an employee with spouse coverage may earn all 7,500 points by themselves. Spouses may also start earning points for the 2021-2022 year on September 1 and will not need to re-register.
  • If a spouse has completed 2,500 points, a green checkmark will appear on the employee’s portal or app homepage by the 15th of the month after your spouse has earned their points. For example, if your spouse reaches their points goal in March, the green checkmark will appear in your account by April 15. Points earned by spouses will not sync with the employee's points. Please communicate with your spouse about point progress if you have questions.


Retirees who are under 65 and covered spouses under 65 are eligible to be on the University’s medical plan can participate in the Wellbeing Program. If you retire and had achieved the Wellbeing Program goal the year before retiring, you will continue to receive the reduced medical rates. Visit the Benefits for Retirees page for more information on benefits eligibility.

However, retirees who are 65 and over will need to enroll in a Medicare-eligible plan. Since Medicare-eligible plans do not accept Wellbeing Program points toward a discount, you will not be eligible for the Wellbeing Program. If your spouse is under 65 and eligible for a University medical plan, they can participate in the Wellbeing Program. They will need to earn 5,000 points toward a $500 discount for the next year.

Retirees covered under a Medicare-eligible plan have other wellbeing discount options through programs such as Silver Sneakers and Silver&Fit®. Check with your plan carrier to learn what’s available.

Our Partners

Many Wellbeing Program points are available through partners within and outside of the University. Learn more about the organizations and points-earning events that can help you support all eight dimensions of your wellbeing: 

You can also check the Events and Workshops page or go to the calendar icon on the Virgin Pulse portal or app (under the "Social" tab in the app) for upcoming events.

Questions About the Program?

For questions relating to registration issues, portal questions, syncing devices, and questions on last year's points, please contact Virgin Pulse:

For UMN-specific programs, you can contact

A Recognized Wellness Program

Image of wellness by design award from Hennepin County

The University of Minnesota earned the Gold+Green award for 2019. Wellness by Design Awards are presented to Hennepin County employers that demonstrate accomplishments in management support, wellness infrastructure, communication, and programming directed at improving employee health. This award recognizes employers with successful health promotion efforts and the University received the "+Green" designation because it minimized its impact on the environment.