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Wellbeing Program

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If you are a spouse on your UPlan, you need to register your account first. Please have your UPlan member's employee ID number ready. If you were recently hired as an employee, you won't be able to access your RedBrick account until 10 days after your UPlan benefits become effective.

Wellbeing Resources During COVID-19

We recognize this is a stressful time for many University employees and their families. We want you to know that we are here for you and want to direct you to the following available resources:

Virtual Resources through The Wellbeing Program

  • Face-to-Face Health Coaching is now available virtually via zoom on the DuluthMorris and Twin Cities campuses. Whether you want to continue your health coaching sessions or are newly interested in health coaching, please make an appointment by clicking on your campus listed above. By attending each virtual face-to-face session, you will receive 25 wellbeing points up to 250 points towards your incentive. 
  • "Four Cornerstones of Financial Literacy" will transition to an online format and will be now called, "Foundations of Financial Wellness". If you were previously registered for the in-person course, you will be receiving a Zoom meeting invitation for the same scheduled days and times. Attend all four classes and you will receive 100 wellbeing points just as you would for the Four Cornerstones class. 
  • The Bakken Center for Spirituality and Healing is currently offering their online Mindfulness at Work course at a highly discounted price of $50 (use code 50work at registration). This course also counts for 150 wellbeing points.
  • Wellbeats is an online fitness provider that delivers hundreds of programs, including fitness classes, recipes, challenges, and mindfulness practices. All U of M employees can use Wellbeats for free until April 30 by using code 1787d0c3. You can receive one wellbeing point a day in RedBrick Track or complete a Wellbeing My Way pledge on the portal.
  • Remember, you can track your movement under RedBrick track (1 pt a day up to 150 points) or by filling out a "Wellbeing My Way" pledge for at-home workouts.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

During this time it is normal to feel added stress and worry. The University’s EAP through Sand Creek offers free and confidential counseling to all employees and their dependents. This program provides access to counselors, including 24/7 access to a Sand Creek clinician if the need is urgent.

Financial Counseling

Confidential financial counseling is available to University employees through LSS Counseling. Go to the website or call 800-528-2926 for more information. Services include budgeting, debt consolidation, and more.

Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing

Our partners at The Bakken Center have a trove of great wellbeing resources to offer the University community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Go to:

2019-2020 Program Changes

For many programs, you will now be rewarded as you complete an activity with no minimums required. Plus, your points will show up on the RedBrick portal shortly following your activity instead of months later.

Current Plan Year

You can save either $500 or $750 on your premiums in 2020, depending on whether you have a spouse who is covered. See the chart below for specific information on how many points you need to earn to get a discount:

If your UPlan coverage is: You need to earn at least: To save this amount in 2020:
Employee-only 500 points $500
Employee and Children 500 points $500
Employee and Spouse with or without Children 750 points (your spouse can earn up to 250 of these points) $750

Only University employees who are enrolled in the UPlan Medical Program (and their enrolled spouse) are eligible to participate in the Wellbeing Program. The Wellbeing Program year runs from October 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019.

Gold + Green Award

Image of wellness by design award from Hennepin County

The University of Minnesota has achieved the Gold +Green award for 2019! This bi-annual award program and celebration recognizes employers with successful health promotion efforts. Worksites that also minimize their impact on the environment may receive a +Green designation.

The award recognizes organizations that make employee health a priority through creative and effective wellness initiatives.

Wellness by Design Awards are presented to Hennepin County employers that demonstrate accomplishments in management support, wellness infrastructure, communication, and programming directed at improving employee health.