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This page provides links to additional HR resources related to the University’s Work. With Flexibility. guidelines.

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Resources Related to Operational Guidance

  • Operational Guidance [pdf]. This document contains the principles that drove the development of the new Work. With Flexibility. guidelines; flexible work definitions and options; details about working outside of Minnesota; workers compensation; technology considerations; disability accommodations; and more.
  • Supervisory Development Course (SDC) ResourcesThese resources were developed for supervisors to help them make decisions about applying the Work. With Flexibility. guidance on their teams.  
  • Disability Resource Center (DRC). The DRC can assist with employees who require accommodations, including those who need to continue working remotely due to an underlying medical situation, are caregivers, or who live with someone who is at risk for severe illness. 
  • Safe U. Visit the Safe U page for more information about the University’s efforts to ensure the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, patients, and the visiting public.
  • Work. With Flexibility. Sample Agreement. Download the Work. With Flexibility. sample agreement to formalize flexible work arrangements with direct reports.
  • Purchasing Guidance During COVID-19 See the latest information from the Controller's Office and Purchasing Services on COVID-19 related adjustments in practices, including the purchase of equipment for home offices. 
  • See how some areas within the University have developed local Work. With Flexibility. plans based on the system-wide guidance. 


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