Supervisor Support

Supervisors are uniquely positioned to implement flexible work arrangements based on their roles in managing the performance, development, and engagement of their team.

Supervisors should base decisions about flexible work by keeping in mind the Work. With Flexibility. guiding principles and by considering:

  • The nature of the employee’s work
  • University guidance
  • Each employee’s perspective and unique circumstances
  • Equity, diversity, and inclusion

This new culture of flexible work may bring up feelings of uncertainty and will require some experimentation and refinement in the coming months. Flexible work arrangements work best when processes and decisions are transparent and clearly communicated.

Resources for Managing Flexible Teams

Leadership and Talent Development (LTD) in the Office of Human Resources has developed resources to help supervisors build the skills needed to make decisions about working with flexibility and managing flexible teams.

Managing Flexible Teams Webinar

Watch the webinar

One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned during the past year is that work is about what we do, not necessarily where we do it. In this webinar, we cover topics to help you implement flexible work arrangements on your team, and give you tools to manage employees with different flexible work plans.

During the webinar you will learn to:

  • Distinguish between the different types and benefits of flexible work arrangements, including in-person, hybrid, and remote work.
  • Analyze the needs of your work, team, and individual employees to make decisions about flexible work that make sense for them.
  • Employ key supervisory skills to effectively manage and engage a remote or hybrid team.

 Additional Resources

  • Disability Resource Center (DRC). The Disability Resource Center’s UReturn is the office designated to serve all employees with any disability or health condition requiring accommodations or workstation adjustments.
  • COVID Response. Find information about the COVID health and safety protocols for returning to campus.
  • Work. With Flexibility. Sample AgreementDownload the sample agreement to formalize a flexible work arrangement with direct reports. While a formal work agreement is not required, some colleges and units may find this document helpful.
  • FAQs. This page will be updated regularly as we add new questions and answers related to Work. With Flexibility. guidance.
  • See details of how some areas within the University have already developed local Work. With Flexibility. plans based on the system-wide guidance.