Leadership & Talent Development

Leadership and Talent Development works with faculty and staff at all levels to increase leadership skills and help them to meet the challenges ahead. Using a range of tools, training, do-it-yourself resources, and tailored approaches, our consultants can show you how to:

  • Develop your personal leadership to get to the next level in your career
    • Explore your leadership strengths using cutting-edge research tools
    • Learn from a supportive community of other leaders
  • Create a positive, engaging, and productive culture
    • Take actions that measurably enhance the commitment and dedication of your faculty and staff
    • Attract, develop, and retain engaged employees
  • Increase leadership effectiveness
    • Use data, science, and leading practices to get the most out of your managers and supervisors
    • Align talent with mission
  • Identify and engage potential leaders
    • Hire and promote the right people
    • Set clear expectations
    • Evaluate performance and close gaps in key skills
    • Identify and retain faculty and staff with the potential to do more

Research shows that leaders learn through doing, so Leadership and Talent Development in the Office of Human Resources blends classroom and online learning, assessments, on-the-job experience, and coaching. Benefits include:

  • Content is customized for University leaders. Content is customized for University leaders to support them as they face the high-level strategic challenges at the University: Results, Vision, Engagement, Collaboration, and Accountability. OHR partners with other colleges and units to provide experiences that reflect both the high-level strategic challenges faced by University leaders and the tools, resources, and understanding to support University policies. 
  • Supporting leaders through informal and formal learning. Classroom-based training is reinforced through developmental relationships including a leadership community of practice.
  • Leadership training customized by level and experience. OHR provides a comprehensive approach to leadership development that is easy for leaders and individual contributors to navigate. Offerings can be tailored to meet the different needs of leaders, yet still be based on University challenges.

Want to get started? Email ltd@umn.edu to find out more. 

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